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Argumentative Papers – Definition, Features, Writing Process

An argumentative college paper is a very common piece of work that you will be asked to handle in class. It is about making sure you present your statements in a credible manner that anyone who is reading your work will be able to appreciate the work that you have done. There are so many ways of writing this paper. One thing that you must remember is that if you are ever struggling, you need to ask for paper help from a credible resource. It will help you make major milestones in an attempt to write the perfect paper.
An argumentative paper is simply about stating your points and supporting them with credible facts. It is like a debate, the only difference is that you will be debating on paper. In most cases, you are given a discussion topic and asked to write papers about it. The topic can be controversial, and you will be required to choose a stand and support your stand. The following are some features that your paper must have:

  • Credible citations
  • Deep, in-depth discussions
  • Analytical deductions

Credible citations
All the citations that you use in this paper must be credible. You can get paper writing help from anyone, but make sure that the citations you use are relevant. By relevant, this means that the citations should be about the subject you are discussing, and more importantly, they should not be outdated. Unless explicitly specified, or if your teacher allows, you should try and limit your citations to works that are no more than 7 or 8 years old.

Deep, in-depth discussions
What kind of discussions are you going to present in this paper? You cannot just mention ideas and leave them hanging, or assume your teacher already knows what you are talking about. You are required to discuss the points you put across in detail. Go deep into the discussion, make sure that you are presenting your arguments in such a manner that anyone who comes across your paper will wonder whether it was written by a student or an expert in the subject matter.

Analytical deductions
Analytical deductions simply mean you must try and relate the subject of your discussion with real-life experiences. Bring the subject into perspective. Explain how it affects the lives or subjects in the environment around it. This line of thought usually carries more marks. The reason for this is because you are putting into perspective the stuff you learn in class, and this definitely makes your teacher appreciate the work they have done teaching you all along, hence the generous marks you will get.

In real sense, most of the papers that you will write will usually be argumentative in nature. They might not be explicitly defined as such, but the context of your presentation will be argumentative. This is why in case you are not sure of what to do, you can look for a professional paper writer to assist you in learning how to go about it.

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